D-D Aquascape Aquarium Epoxy Putty (Rock Grey)

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Aquascape is a two-part epoxy putty that has been specially developed by D-D for use in salt water and freshwater aquariums and other underwater applications.

In the marine aquarium it is ideal for bonding together live rock to form complicated structures and avoiding rock falls caused by turbo snails, sea urchins and strong current flow, for preparing coral frags and for creating clam bases to prevent them being attacked and ultimately killed by bristle worms. In addition it can be used to repair leaky pipework, broken equipment or for bonding items to the aquarium glass.

Aquascape has been developed to be stickier than most epoxies so that it bonds easier to wet substrates and the purple version has been formulated to dry under water to the colour of coralline algae. This makes it initially more natural within a marine aquarium during the period before being encrusted with true coralline algae. Note however that when cured out of the water the colour will be darker representing the deep red coralline algae colour.

For freshwater aquariums and for repairing liners and preformed ponds, the Rock Grey version is perhaps more suitable however both colours can be used in any environment.

Suggested Uses:

  • Bonding rock to rock and making rock bases during aquascaping
  • Bonding and positioning corals within the aquarium
  • Fragging corals to frag bases
  • Making clam bases
  • Repairing leaking pipework and equipment

Warning for use in a fully stocked aquarium

Always read the enclosed instructions properly before use.

CAUTION: Do not over manipulate in the tank in stocked aquariums as this may result in excessive clouding of the water due to the release of non-toxic talc fillers.

This excessive clouding may reduce oxygen, especially on smaller tanks and in 1:5000 cases can result in distress to fish and invertebrates or in extreme cases loss of livestock. If clouding occurs stop use immediately and aerate the aquarium. 

Clouding is generally the result of continually trying to reposition an overhanging or off balanced coral that is unsupported whilst the epoxy starts to set.

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