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LPS stands for "Large Polyp Stony" corals. 

LPS corals are characterized by their large fleshy polyps and hard calcium carbonate skeletons. These corals are often known for their vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and sometimes intricate patterns.

LPS corals are part of the broader classification of stony corals, which also includes SPS (Small Polyp Stony) corals. The main difference between these two categories lies in the size of their polyps and the structure of their skeletons. LPS corals typically have larger polyps and more substantial skeletons, while SPS corals have smaller polyps and thinner skeletons.

Some common examples of LPS corals include brain corals, torch corals, frogspawn corals, hammer corals, and various types of plate corals. These corals are popular among reef aquarium enthusiasts due to their captivating appearance and relative ease of care compared to some SPS corals.

Exotic Farmed Frags is Exotic Aquatics Belfast's own range of carefully cultivated coral frags. All corals listed are available for in-person viewing and purchase at their shop, call in and have a chat with their expert team about your coral choices today. Check out their Instagram page to see their coral farming setup, new coral arrivals and more!

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