Exotic Farmed Frags Soft Coral

Soft corals are a diverse group of corals that belong to the class Anthozoa within the phylum Cnidaria. Unlike their stony coral relatives, soft corals do not create hard calcium carbonate skeletons. Instead, they have flexible and fleshy structures supported by tiny, spiny structures called sclerites. Soft corals are known for their colorful and often intricate shapes, making them popular among both marine enthusiasts and aquarium keepers.

Soft corals can be found in various marine environments, from shallow tropical reefs to deeper waters. They are characterized by their polyps, which are sac-like structures with eight tentacles. These polyps are often equipped with specialized structures called "eight-parted" sclerites, which help differentiate them from other types of corals.

Soft corals can be a great addition to reef aquariums, as they often require less intense lighting and water flow compared to some stony corals. However, it's still important to provide appropriate care, including stable water conditions, proper lighting, and regular feeding, to ensure the health and well-being of these corals.

Exotic Farmed Frags is Exotic Aquatics Belfast's own range of carefully cultivated coral frags. All corals listed are available for in-person viewing and purchase at their shop, call in and have a chat with their expert team about your coral choices today. Check out their Instagram page to see their coral farming setup, new coral arrivals and more!

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