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Premium grade, high Alkalinity

Coral Pro contains elevated and balanced levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated coral growth.

If your goal is to maximize coral growth, then Coral Pro combined with Red Sea's reef care recipes will enhance growth up to four times their natural rate. Coral Pro’s Alkalinity of 12 dKH makes it ideal for mixed reefs and SPS frag tanks.

Natural seawater includes over 70 chemical elements. Most of them influence the water parameters, but only a few play a significant role in its overall chemical stability. These elements form the foundation of the reef environment and include three major elements: Calcium, Magnesium, and Bicarbonates.

The three 'foundational elements’ have a major effect on pH stability, Alkalinity, seawater ionic strength, and many of the coral’s biological processes (skeleton formation, ion-exchange, photosynthesis).

Unlike the natural reef environment, where there is an immense reservoir of the foundation elements, the reef aquarium has limited resources that are quickly depleted by the aquarium inhabitants. Therefore, in order to enable sustainable coral growth, it is necessary to maintain higher than natural levels of the foundation elements.

Original research carried out in Red Sea’s laboratory has shown that when increasing the levels of the foundation elements above the natural sea levels, a very specific ratio between the foundation elements is necessary for coral vitality, and the formation of a robust aragonite coral skeleton.

Coral Pro Salt is made according to these ideal ratios, removing the need to adjust the levels of foundation elements after water changes, and providing your corals with a healthy and stable home.

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